Design + Build is our preferred project delivery method and is the most popular service our clients choose. It provides our clients the full “Kent” value. Design+Build begins with a need, an idea, or vision and ends with a completed facility to meet that need or vision. It is considered a turnkey collaborative TEAM approach to construction, in which we serve our clients through every facet of the process. It is a proven solution for new ground-up construction, as well as renovations, and can be found on small and large projects. If you have a facility need and have not determined a solution for that need, then Design+Build is the right service for you.


Our team understands that in order for your business or organization to operate at your highest potential, the facility in which you conduct that work, must be tailored to your operations. As a result, we begin the process by listening to your needs. Our process discovers the essential intricacies of your organization and creates a plan that promotes operational health.

Budget Feasibility

Making the decision to build a new facility or renovate an existing one, requires confidence in your team and the information at hand. Likewise, to proceed without accurate data as it relates to cost and schedule can jeopardize the end results. The construction industry comes with numerous complexities and variables that require experienced management. Our seasoned team eliminates the unknowns and provides peace of mind that builds confidence as you plan your project.

Schematic Design

Once we’ve listened to your needs and established an accurate budget, it’s now time to put pencil to paper. Our Preconstruction Team guides the schematic design process and integrates your needs into the facility function, all the while protecting your budget. This important step clarifies the end results and provides continued information for you to plan.

Full Design

Full Design moves beyond schematic level drawings and prepares your project to move toward construction. In this stage, all engineering is assimilated and design begins to becomes reality. Every important detail is planned, coordinated, and drawn. At the completion of this stage, your project is now ready to submit to local government agencies for permitting approval.


It’s time to break ground! All the meetings, coordination, and careful planning up to this point have prepared you to actually begin seeing your project come to life. Now your specific Kent Project Team will manage every facet of your facility construction, holding quality to the highest standard. This phase solidifies long term relationships with our clients and for many, serves as the first of many projects together.

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General Contracting

Our General Contracting services meet the needs of the traditional construction industry. If you have already designed your facility and are looking for a trusted partner to construct it, then our General Constructing services are a great fit. This can be in the form of a competitive bid, public or private, as well as negotiated projects. We also have extensive experience working beside your preferred Architect/Designer and becoming a partner early in the process, to assist with preconstruction services such as preliminary budgets, construction feasibility, etc.


As a Butler Builder, we have extensive experience with metal building construction and metal roofing. Our Re-Roofing services meet the needs of our existing or new clients who own aged buildings that are in need of new metal roofs. This may be low-sloped or built-up roofs that are looking for a long term replacement option. Contact us today to talk with one of our roofing specialists.

Express Projects

For our clients who are looking to finish out a space with an interior build-out, renovate their space to accommodate growth, or even just making cosmetic upgrades, our Express Services Team is the perfect solution. This turnkey service can tackle any project and no project is to small.